Life’s a Beach

Life’sJust outside the oldest city in the United States lies Anastasia State Park. This is where we would next park our rig. Of course, we had to get to Anastasia Island to do this. This involved driving along Route A1A and crossing over the Bridge of Lions. Memories of Savannah flooded back into our minds as we threaded our way along the narrow two lane road through town with hundreds of tourists dodging in front of us and behind us in search of the next souvenir. I wonder if this will ever become less stressful?

St. Augustine is a very old town and there are some lovely and historical parts of the city, but it is also very touristy. We enjoyed poking around a bit and saw Flagler College and its distinctive architecture, but our interest lay more across the inland waterway on Anastasia Island.

The state park is very lovely. There aren’t any hiking trails to speak of, but the beach is beyond gorgeous. It definitely rivals the most glorious beaches on the east coast. It was also almost empty of people which made it even more delightful. The only downside for us is that it was not dog-friendly so we viewed its glories from the end of the boardwalk and then turned away. We aren’t such big beach people anyway although I would love to have walked its length with Jim and Dakota and searched for crabs and seashells.

We spent two days in Anastasia State Park. I think that we can add to our learnings that two days is too short a stay. It really doesn’t give you time to get settled and then begin exploring. Before you know it you are hitching up again to move on to the next destination. This is good information to file away for future planning purposes. In the meantime, we had a higher purpose to serve and pushing on was the means to fulfilling that purpose.

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