Nomads Head West

After months of stated intent followed by months of planning, the time is finally here…tomorrow we head out for a long meander through our country to see sights oft heard of and, as yet, unseen by us.

It didn’t always look like this would happen. Delayed from an anticipated late Spring departure, we were at the starting line when our most beloved room mate, Dakota of course, had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. We can only be thankful this did not happen once we were on the road. We delayed our departure by a week to allow for convalescence and reconfigured the beginning of our trip. And now all systems are go.

We hope you will join us on our adventure. Our plan is to head west and, when the weather turns, south. Assuming all goes well and we are having fun, we will return home before Christmas.

Jenny, Jim and Dakota

14 thoughts on “Nomads Head West

  1. Jenny….Happy to learn you are off on a new adventure and taking us along vicariously. Enjoy!

    Dean & Deb

    P.S. Never heard of a dog having gall bladder surgery. Hope Dakota is making a strong recovery.

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  2. Jenny, I am so excited for the three of you–and cop to being just a wee bit jealous as well! I’ll be thrilled to follow your adventures and experience them vicariously, at least until the day comes that I can hit the road in similar fashion. Stay safe, and I look forward to hearing about the sights and sounds and experiences.


  3. We saw a bobcat going back and forth behind our sunroom, but couldn’t take a pic 😢.
    Have a wonderful and safe trip and let us read about it.
    Loli y Mike


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